DOGS - Dog Food - Breeders Gluten Free

Like humans, dogs are prone to become gluten intolerant and exhibit allergy-like symptoms when consuming wheat-containing products, such as:
  • ​Itching
  • Constant or increased scratching

  • Excessive hair loss due to constant scratching

  • Red inflamed skin areas

  • Eczema like symptoms 

  • Poor coat condition

  • Secondary skin infections

Free of wheat, fishmeal, soya & artificial ingredients.
Breeder's Recipe offers a gluten free alternative your furry friend will love, without the nasty symptoms. Since our raw materials are sourced locally and our product locally manufactured, we are able to provide you with an affordable gluten free dog food at a better price without compromising on quality.

DOGS - Dog Food - Breeders Gluten Free

Size & Flavour
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